"There is danger from all men. The only maxim of a free government ought to be to trust no man living with
power to endanger the public liberty." - - - - John Adams

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Syria - Everyone Jumps into the pool of Death

Syrian ClusterFuck Accomplished
The unconstitutional clusterfuck war from Hell
That Democrats and Republican Want to Fight
Israel Attacks the Lebanese
The Lebanese Attack ISIS
ISIS Attacks Al Nusra
Al Nusra Attacks ISIS
Al Nusra Attacks Syria
The U.S. Arms Al Nusra
The Russians Attack Al Nusra
Al Nusra Attacks the Russians
Syria Attacks ISIS
Saudi Arabia Arms ISIS
The Turks Support ISIS
The Kurds Attack ISIS
Turkey Attacks the Kurds
The Kurds Attack the Turks

(UPI) -- Israeli warplanes carrying out airstrikes on a shipment of Iranian arms to Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas in Syria managed to evade Syrian air-defense missiles but the incident is a graphic demonstration of how the war has the potential to further inflame the region.

There are likely to be further Israeli airstrikes against Hezbol­lah in Syria, reflecting deepening Israeli concerns that Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and their Lebanese ally are establish­ing a new front on the divided Go­lan Heights from which to fight the Jewish state.

These developments are increas­ing the chances of a miscalculation that could trigger a war that both sides insist they do not want. As tensions mount amid an unprece­dented cluster of interlocking con­flicts across the hair-trigger region, clashes like the aerial action over Palmyra could easily escalate out of control.

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Call me a crazy Blogger (which I am),
but every time I think of Syria I remember
Archduke Franz Ferdinand

GOP to sell your Porn internet search history

GOP Whore Alert
The "small government" GOP fucks you again

“If this shit passes I will buy the browser history of every congressman and congressional aide and publish it.”
Max Temkin

(Daily Caller)  -  The White House “strongly supports” a bill passed by both the House and Senate which would allow Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to sell an individual’s internet browsing history without their consent.

The bill, which the House voted to support Tuesday, would nullify a rule enacted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under President Obama, which requires ISPs to obtain consent from customers before using or sharing information such as browsing history, social security numbers, and precise geo-location.

The law was supported in Congress largely along party lines.

Democratic Minnesota Rep. Keith Ellison said, “I know there has got to be somebody in this body who believes [internet service providers] should not have anybody’s underwear size.”

Republicans, however, don’t seem to be worried about people knowing their underwear size and supported the law amidst a push to rollback Obama-era regulations. Gary Shapiro, president of the Consumer Technology Association, said, “The Obama-era regulation threatens to undermine innovation and competition in the internet ecosystem.”

Max Temkin, who created the popular card game Cards Against Humanity, tweeted Monday, “If this shit passes I will buy the browser history of every congressman and congressional aide and publish it.”

The White House supported the House passing the legislation, and said in a statement if it were “presented to the president, his advisors would recommend that he sign the bill into law.”

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Porn star Sonny Leone
GOP Takes a Dump on Your Laptop
The lunatics in the Republican Party do not believe you have the right to a single moment of privacy in your life. Now the GOP will allow the sale of your most private Internet history to the highest bidder.

400 Jihadi fighters are back in Britain

  • Britain is circling the drain and deliberately imports trained killers.
  • Thank God the "Conservatives" are in power. Just imagine how many Muslim terrorists would be imported by the Leftists.

(SKY News)  -  UK authorities are facing an increased terror threat from battle-hardened fighters returning from Mosul and other conflict zones in Iraq and Syria.

Security sources have told Sky News more than 400 former fighters are now believed to be back in Britain.

The authorities believe there is a growing risk the UK could suffer the kind of mass gun and bomb attacks seen in France and Belgium recently, as many returning fighters will have been trained in the use of weapons and the construction of improvised explosive devices.

It is a serious, two-pronged challenge for the police and security services, who are already working flat-out to counter the threat from homegrown lone-wolf extremists, like Khalid Masood, who launched last week's deadly attack on Westminster.

Former Scotland Yard Specialist Firearms Officer and author Tony Long said combating an attack launched by a well-trained returning jihadist could be a tough prospect.

He said: "These are combat-hardened soldiers. They might not be trained in the way that NATO might train their soldiers but they've seen more close quarter conflict and more urban fighting than probably most members of the British Armed Forces and you have to respect that.

"Of course they're bringing that knowledge back with them to the UK and it's very very difficult because of the legal restrictions that are put on the security services and the police to actually monitor all of these people."
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50% or More of Babies Born on Medicaid

Socialized Medicine is Already Here
Strangely, it looks like Bernie won the Election

(CNSNews.com) - In 24 of the nation’s 50 states at least half of the babies born during the latest year on record had their births paid for by Medicaid, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.
New Mexico led all states with 72 percent of the babies born there in 2015 having their births covered by Medicaid.
Arkansas ranked second with 67 percent; Louisiana ranked third with 65 percent; and three states—Mississippi, Nevada and Wisconsin—tied for fourth place with 64 percent of babies born there covered by Medicaid.
New Hampshire earned the distinction of having the smallest percentage of babies born on Medicaid. In that state, Medicaid paid for the births of only 27 percent of the babies born in 2015.
Virginia and Utah tied for the next to last position, with 31 percent of the babies born on Medicaid.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Russia creates 'unstoppable' hypersonic missile at 4,600mph

Dig Your Bunker Deeper

(International Business Times)  -  Russia claims to have created a devastating hypersonic missile that travels five times faster than the speed of sound and could rip through navy warship defences because it's too fast to stop.
The Kremlin's Zircon missile has been called "unstoppable", "unbeatable" and "undefendable" with a 4,600mph speed that only one defence system in the world can destroy – that system is owned by Russia.
The missile employs revolutionary scramjet technology to reach its hypersonic speeds whereby propulsion is created by forcing air from the atmosphere into its combustor where it mixes with on-board fuel – rather than carry both fuel and oxidizer like traditional rockets. This makes it lighter, and therefore much faster.
Russian Ships

It uses no fans, rotating turbines or moving parts – just an inlet where air is compressed and a combustor where the air is mixed with fuel. Fewer moving parts also means less chance of mechanical failure.
The Zircon has been in testing stages this year and would be capable of destroying the world's most advanced warships and aircraft carriers in one strike and could be put into action by 2020. The US Navy warns it could be fitted to Russia's nuclear-powered Kirkov warship, where it would have a range of up to 500 miles.
In comparison, the Royal Navy's Sea Ceptor missile, which is designed to destroy incoming missiles can only travel 15 miles and hit top speeds of 2,300mph.
A senior Naval source told the Mirror: "Hypersonic missiles are virtually unstoppable. The whole idea of the carrier is the ability to project power. But with no method of protecting themselves against missiles like the Zircon the carrier would have to stay out of range, hundreds of miles out at sea. Its planes would be useless and the whole basis of a carrier task force would be redundant."

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USS Gerald Ford
$13 Billion in Scrap Metal

.Spending billions on World War II technology.
Congress spends insane amounts of money to fund boondoggle spending projects like the USS Gerald Ford.  The price tag for the USS Gerald Ford is now at $13 billion, it is 22% over budget.  The fact of the matter is modern technology can sink it in minutes.

China's Aircraft Carrier Killer
China has developed missiles that travel at 10 times the speed of
sound and can sink an American carrier.

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China Targets U.S. Aircraft Carriers

Pakistan builds border wall with Afghanistan

A Wall - What a Concept!

(AFP) - Pakistan has begun building a fence along its border with Afghanistan to curtail the movement of militants, its army said, in a move criticised by its eastern neighbour for dividing communities.
The two nations are divided by the "Durand Line", a 2,400-kilometre (1,500-mile) frontier drawn by the British in 1896 and disputed by Kabul, which does not officially recognise it as an international border.
It also splits the Pashtun ethnic group between the states.
Both routinely accuse the other of harbouring militant proxies to carry out cross-border attacks, while their militaries have engaged in numerous skirmishes in recent years.
Last year, Pakistan completed an 1,100 kilometre (700 mile) trench along the southern half of the border. The current round of fencing began in the northern tribal regions of Mohmand and Bajaur over the weekend, according to the army.
"It is first time we've started the formal fencing with the political government onboard. Previous efforts...were local in nature," a security source said Monday.
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Bulgaria Builds Fence To Keep Muslims Out

Tony Podesta Made $500K Lobbying For Chinese Firm Convicted Of Illegal Sales To Iran

(Daily Caller)  -  Democratic super-lobbyist Tony Podesta grossed more than $500,000 to represent a Chinese company criminally convicted in March of sending illegal shipments of telecom equipment to Iran, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group has learned.
The seriousness of the illegal sales to Iran were so extreme and continued for so long — from 2010 to last year — the Department of Justice (DOJ) imposed a record $1.19 billion fine on the ZTE Telecommunications company, making it the largest penalty ever imposed in a U.S. sanctions case.
The Chinese firm hired the Podesta Group, one of Washington’s biggest and best-connected lobbying companies in the nation’s capital, in January 2016. ZTE retained Podesta’s personal help as negotiations intensified for a final resolution with DOJ during the final year of President Barack Obama’s tenure in the White House.
The Shenzhen-based company pleaded guilty on March 7 to violating a 22-year-old ban on shipments to Iran, including “conspiring by illegally shipping … U.S.-origin items to Iran, obstructing justice and making a material false statement,” according to the DOJ.
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'They'd vote no against the Ten Commandments': GOP Congressman resigns from Freedom Caucus

The Freedom Caucus

  • The Bullshit is flowing so thick in Congress it is hard to know who is full of it.

(Business Insider)  -  Rep. Ted Poe explained on Monday why he resigned from the House Freedom Caucus, a group of hardline conservative lawmakers who helped block President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan's healthcare bill.
Poe said on CNN's "New Day" that the conservative caucus "continues to be the opposition caucus against anything in the Republican Party."
The Texas congressman said that while Republican leadership had attempted to ignore the concerns of its most conservative members in the past, caucus members were key players in the negotiation of the American Health Care Act, which Trump and Ryan pulled before a scheduled vote in the House on Friday.
"There's nothing that could be added to the bill that the Freedom Caucus would ever vote yes on," Poe said. "I got the opinion that there are some members of the Freedom Caucus — they'd vote no against the Ten Commandments if it came up for a vote."
Poe said that although the AHCA was "not a perfect bill," Republicans "promised for years" that they would repeal President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act, the healthcare law better known as Obamacare, if they held the White House.
"We voted 60 times to repeal Obamacare," Poe said. "Then when it came down to repealing it, when it actually counted, people just said, 'Nah, I'm not going to vote to repeal the bill.'"
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Monday, March 27, 2017

Phony "Outrage" as Corpses Pile Up in The Middle East

Humans are Fucking Insane

  • The political liar class claims there is "international outrage" at civilian deaths in Mosul. 
  • But for some strange reason there was no "international outrage" as the CIA shipped mountains of weapons to Islamists in Syria that directly resulted in the ISIS invasion of Iraq.
  • The Middle East has been turned into an open graveyard and giant pile of rubble by the village idiot Bush and Comrade Obama. Now we see Trump being sucked into a war created by the CIA.

(The Guardian)  -  Iraqi military leaders have halted their push to recapture west Mosul from Islamic State as international outrage grew over the civilian toll from airstrikes that killed at least 150 people in a single district of the city.
The attack on the Mosul Jadida neighbourhood is thought to have been one of the deadliest bombing raids for civilians since the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. Rescuers were still pulling bodies from the rubble on Saturday, more than a week after the bombs landed, when the US-led coalition confirmed that its aircraft had targeted Isis fighters in the area.
They carried out the attack on 17 March “at the request of the Iraqi security forces”, and have now launched a formal investigation into reports of civilian casualties, the coalition said.

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The CIA Just Wants To Watch The World Burn
CIA created Islamist terrorism in Libya, Syria, Yemen and Iraq is
ignored by the corrupt media and is funded by both the Dems and GOP.

Open Borders Wins The Day

It is the Death of the West

  • Sheeple "Conservatives" and Leftists alike voted to abolish German national borders and let in Muslim illegal aliens by the millions.
  • The Alternative for Germany party was the only one to stand up for nationalism and controlling immigration.  Voters gave them a "massive" 6.2% of the vote and 3 seats in the state legislature.
  • Germany is finished. You might as well rename it Deutschlandistan.

(Reuters)  -  German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives won a regional election in the western state of Saarland on Sunday, dealing a setback to their Social Democrat rivals and boosting her prospects of winning a fourth term in September's national election.

Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) strengthened their position as the largest party in the state despite expectations ahead of the vote that the Social Democrats (SPD) would be boosted by their new national leader, Martin Schulz.
German State of Saarland

The CDU won 40.7 percent of the vote, up from 35.2 percent in the previous election in Saarland in 2012, preliminary official figures showed. The SPD slipped to 29.6 percent, down from 30.6 percent.

Prior to the election, polls had indicated that a left-leaning "red-red-green" alliance of the SPD, the far-left Linke and the environmentalist Greens -- or even a "red-red" coalition if the Greens failed to win enough votes -- could emerge after the vote.

But the Greens failed to reach the 5 percent threshold required to enter the state assembly, while the SPD and Linke, which won 12.9 percent, lacked enough votes to form a coalition on their own.

Saarland has only 800,000 eligible voters, but the state election was the first of three regional votes ahead of the Sept. 24 federal vote and offered an opportunity for the parties to build, or lose, momentum for the national election.

The far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD), which bruised Merkel in regional elections last year after her decision in 2015 to open Germany's doors to migrants from the Middle East, won 6.2 percent of the vote in Saarland.

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Results for the 26 March 2017 election to the 17th Landtag of Saarland
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PartyPopular voteSeats
Christian Democratic Union
Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands – CDU
Social Democratic Party
Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands – SPD
The Left
Die Linke
Alternative for Germany
Alternative für Deutschland – AfD
Alliance '90/The Greens
Bündnis 90/Die Grünen
Free Democratic Party
Freie Demokratische Partei – FDP
Family Party
Familienpartei Deutschlands
Pirate Party
Piratenpartei Deutschland
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Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands – NPD
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